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MasterMover was the first to market in the 1990s with an innovative electric tug that made clever use of hydraulics and traction to take the effort and danger out of moving wheeled loads has led us to manufacture the world’s most effective electric tow tugs to move wheeled loads from 50 kg up to 360,000 kg

Our unrivalled range of compact, battery-powered electric tugs improve operational efficiency, reduce manual handling and promote lean manufacturing across many industries.

Our products are relied upon by market-leading organisations and global brands across a broad cross-section of industries including Aerospace, Automotive, Pharmaceutical, Retail and Healthcare.

Our MasterTug product was the forerunner for the extensive range of electric tugs available today – and we continue to lead the market with products that move wheeled loads from 50 kg to 360,000 kg as well as bespoke solutions to address complex issues. We’re proud that our award-winning MasterMover tugs are helping to make workplaces around the world safer and more efficient.

From the outset we have maintained a 100% in-house design and development team, utilising the exceptional talent and leading-edge software to create high-performance solutions. We also build and manufacture all of our electric tugs here in the UK. By keeping total control of our end-to-end process, we remain 100% confident our products are well designed, well built, reliable, robust and efficient.

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Our products

Small - up to 2000kg

SM100 TOW | Up to 500 kg, SM100 | Up to 1,000 kg, SM100+ | Up to 1,200 kg, MT200 | Up to 2,000 kg, AT200 TOW | Up to 2,000 kg

Medium - up to 6,000 kg

AT300 TOW | Up to 3,000 kg, MT300+ | Up to 3,000 kg, MT400+ | Up to 4,000 kg, MT600+ | Up to 6,000 kg, AT600 TOW | Up to 6,000 kg

Large - up to 15,000 kg

MT800+ | Up to 8,000 kg, AT800 TOW | Up to 8,000 kg, MT1000+ | Up to 10,000 kg, AT1000 TOW | Up to 10,000 kg, MT1200+ | Up to 12,000 kg, AT1200 TOW | Up to 12,000 kg, MT1500+ | Up to 15,000 kg

Heavy Duty - Over 15,000 kg

MT2000+ | Up to 20,000 kg, PS3000+ | Up to 30,000 kg, Multi-link | Up to 360,000 kg

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Tel: 01335 30 10 30